The CloudBaseGA Affiliate Programme

The CloudBaseGA Affiliate Programme offers current Users the chance to earn discount on their monthly charges by introducing new users.

Application for membership of the Affiliate Programme is open to any current User of CloudBaseGA and for every aircraft for which an Introduced-User orders an AutoLog installation CavOK will apply an Additional Discount to the Affiliate's account.

It's Easy to join...

Users wishing to join should download, print and complete the Affiliate Programme.pdf which also includes a full copy of the Terms and Conditions. Scan and e-mail the completed form to [email protected]

Once your application has been approved you will be listed on the CloudBaseGA website order form as an Affiliate for selection by an Introduced User as part of their order.

An Additional discount will then be applied at the rate of 1% (up to a total of 50%) for each AutoLog installation ordered via the CloudBaseGA website Order Form for which the Affiliate is identified as the Introducer and will continue to be applied for as long as both the Affiliate User and the Introduced User's accounts remain current.

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