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The CloudBaseGA AutoLog provides real-time access to flight records. Within a couple of minutes of shutting down the aircraft flight log is updated, the flight can be invoiced and current maintenance records inspected.
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How it works

  • Installation » of AutoLog-FM and its antenna should be carried out by your licensed avionics engineer in conjunction with the aircraft owner. The only connection to the aircraft system is a power supply for which an approved minor modification covering all ELA-2 aircraft is available.

  • AutoLog automatically compiles flight data which at the end of the flight is transmitted to our central server where it is processed. The data is retained within AutoLog until confirmation is received from the server that it has been processed

  • Flight data is analysed and flight records detailing Aircraft Registration, Flight ID, Date, Brakes-off Time, Take-off Time, Landing Time, Brakes-on Time and Location at end of flight uploaded to the CloudBaseGA database

  • CloudBaseGA Account Administrators can share Aircraft flight records and maintenance data with external members and enable them to invoice flights from their accounts.

  • An API is provided to let users integrate invoicing and other applications with AutoLog flight records as can the latest version of QuDieMGA Operations software for flying schools »