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Accurate Real-Time Data On-line!
The perfect solution Flying Groups, Syndicates and multi-location Administrations.
The essential basis for cost effective aircraft operations management
It's about time!...
CloudBaseGA provides accurate real-time flight records to streamline aircraft operations.

CloudBaseGA AutoLog flight times are accurate to within 10 seconds without any pilot input and aircraft data is typically updated within two minutes at the end of each flight.

Paper Free Administration - With no need to process paper-based information, administration is dramatically reduced and human error eliminated.

Maintenance Efficiencies - Up to date Tech Log records shared with CAMO’s and Engineering allow maintenance to be planned and expensive and disruptive overdue tasks avoided.

Invoice E-mailing - Flight invoicing e-mailed to members is simple with flexible user defined pricing and fuel refund features.

Simple Setup - Owners have visibility of flight and maintenance data and can invoice operators using shared flight records.

Created for:

Flying Groups
Flying Clubs
Flying Schools
Aircraft Owners
Aircraft Leasing Companies
Maintenance Organisations & CAMO's

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AutoLog Technology

AutoLog-FM is a Portable Electronic Device (PED). When installed in your aircraft, along with a small antenna, the AutoLog unit automatically compiles block and airborne flight time data together with the location of the aircraft at the end of the flight. The only connection to the aircraft system is Master Power for which an approved Minor Mod is available.

How it Works

CloudBaseGA delivers tangible cost benefits

Time is money and our early experience indicated that over a 50 hour period with accurate airborne times an extra 43 minutes of operating time was gained. Over the typical engine life this totals some 35 hours of extra engine life.

Accurate times are essential for correctly priced flight invoices in which everyone can have confidence. Recovering lost minutes due to rounding or tacho based invoicing could pay the cost of the service on as few as 50 flights per annum.

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  • On-Line booking for authorised members.
  • Automatic update of flight logs.
  • Simple invoicing process immediately on aircraft's return.
  • Flight invoices e-mailed to members.
  • Flight records accessible by all administrative team.
  • Administrative functions may be carried out in multiple locations.
  • Aircraft, engine and propeller logs available in-house or to 3rd parties.
  • Records available to Owners, CAMO's, Engineering.
  • Location of aircraft at power off included in flight record.
  • Pilots

  • Multiple Flying Club membership
  • Book aircraft for yourself or a colleague
  • View Aircraft Next Check Hours
  • View Aircraft Major Maintenance information
  • Record and View Aircraft Deferred Defects
  • View Flight Records
  • Authorised pilots can self invoice
  • Organise Fly-outs
  • Simple communication with fellow pilots
  • Maintenance Organisations and CAMO's

  • Real time view of aircraft hours helping you plan maintenance efficiently.
  • Accurate aircraft hours.
  • Reduced administration paperwork.
  • Print airframe, engine and propeller logs on custom labels for insertion into log books.
  • Owners

  • Real time view of accurate aircraft hours simplifies administration.
  • Visibility of aircraft bookings.
  • Real time view of aircraft hours.
  • Aircraft hours summary for operator invoicing.
  • Visibility of maintenance records.
  • Reduced administration paperwork.
  • Location of aircraft at power off included in flight record.
  • Affordable Pricing

    Pricing options ensure affordabilityfor low and high activity aircraft with the CloudBaseGA web application available FREE to all AutoLog users.

    Pay for what you use

    We offer two price plans to suite both higher and lower level users. If your aircraft does more than 14 flights per month, you should select the higher level user package.

    No upfront Costs

    Other than a small delivery and administration charge of £20 per aircraft, there are no up front costs. We effectively loan you the AutoLog equipment and provide access to the online web application FREE of charge for your use for as long as you make the contractual payments.

    Affordable Monthly Price Plans

    Monthly Price Plan Monthly Charge per Aircraft Per Flight Charge
    High Level User £25 £0.75p
    Low Level User £12.50 £1.50
    Please note that all prices are exclusive of VAT